Strong Powerful Hover Board Smart Wheels

Description: A rigid and edged design is ergonomically perfected for a balance between speed at 12km/h over 30km with a self balancing strong powerful hoverboard system used to both accelerate and decelerate.

The broad range of unique and personalised colours attaches the rider to the hoverboard and has an easy to read heads up display.

CE Certification: Yes
Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Range per Power: 10 - 30 km
Wattage: 200 - 250w
Frame Material: Aluminum/Alloy
Voltage of Battery: 24v
Type: Two Wheels
Max Speed: 12km/h
Certification: -
Number: 450568904
Hoverboard: Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard Skateboard Electric scooter
Skateboard: two wheels smart self balancing scooter
Self Balance Scooters: Strong powerful hover board
Electric Scooter: Electric Skateboard Hoverboard
Scooter: Self Balancing scooter two Wheels
Style: Hoverboard Kick Scooter
Type: 2 Wheel Self balancing Electric Scooter
Feature: Self Balancing Standing Scooter
Item name: Hoverboard Hover Board