10 inch 2 Wheel Electric Scooter with Handrail

Description: Using a balance in the handles the Handrail electric scooter is versatile and easy to pick up and understand for new riders. The range per full charge offers a maximum 30km at a time making it perfect for use in town although travelling at speeds up up to 30km/h. 

Coming in a range of colours the Handrail Electric scooter can be personalised to your tastes as not only an excellent tool for travel but a stylish piece of modern technology giving the rider a smooth ride along all urban surfaces.  


Power Supply: Lithium Battery
Certification: FCC,UL
Max Speed: <30km/h
Type: Two Wheels
Wattage: 251 - 350w
Range per Power: 10 - 30 km
CE Certification: Yes
Frame Material: Aluminum/Alloy
Voltage of Battery: 36v
Certification: CE