What you should know when choosing an electric scooter?

July 02, 2019

What you should know when choosing an electric scooter?

With a large number of brands and models available in the market, it can be an uphill task for many of the individuals to select the best electric scooter. In fact, there are several important parameters to consider before making the purchase. Mentioned below are those important aspects you must consider when shopping around for a good electric scooter.


  1. The range you expect

The range of the electric scooter means the distance the scooter can take you after a full charge. Although older scooter versions had significantly shorter ranges, innovative electric scooters you see today can run up to 60KM per charge under the perfect conditions. The condition of the battery is an important aspect that determines the range. So, choose the bike after comparing the range you expect vs the maximum range the scooter actually runs. Please note that the original range can vary depending on the weight of the rider, type of the terrain and the climate.


  1. Weight of the rider

Make sure that you select an electric scooter that can tolerate your weight easily. As mentioned before, the weight of the rider will create a significant influence on the range. So, before you purchase it, have a good idea about the capacity of the scooter.


  1. Type of the landscape

When buying an electric scooter, have a good idea about the landscape you intend to ride on. If the landscape is mostly uneven and weak, you will have to go for a scooter with good battery life. However, if the landscape is mostly flat and there is smooth traffic, you can go for pretty much any scooter that suits your weight. If you have to ride on inclined terrain, go for an electric bike that has a powerful motor.


  1. How portable it is

In general, electric scooters are highly portable compared to conventional bikes. Nevertheless, some scooters are obviously heavier than the others. Before you purchase the scooter, therefore, just go through the product description and notice the weight of it. Then, decide if you are capable of handling such weight easily.


  1. The climate of the venue

If you intend to ride on a sunny and warm climate, you can purchase pretty much any scooter. However, under extreme climates (too hot or too cold), the range of the scooter can be lessened. Although most of the electric scooters can ride without any hassle during rain, it is better to rest under a shelter when it rains heavily for your own safety.


  1. What you can afford

The amount you can afford is another major concern when it comes to purchasing a scooter. So, have a good idea about the actual amount you can spend. It is always better to visit an online store like ridefuse.com and compare the available options. Then, you can compare the prices and decide what to purchase.


In most of the cases, the prices of the electric scooters can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousands. So, comparing the prices vs features is always a good idea.