Learning how to ride an electric unicycle

July 02, 2019

Learning how to ride an electric unicycle

Many individuals think that riding an electric unicycle is a pretty difficult task. However, if you get it right from the beginning, it will be a ‘piece of cake’. If you are still not sure about it, please read the tips mentioned below and learn it fast.


  1. Get yourself prepared

The obvious first step is to turn on the scooter. Then, gently place your strong foot on the respective pedal. It can be your right foot or the left foot (depending on your personal habit). This is important because the strong foot is best to control the unicycle. Also, make sure that your strong foot is closer to the unicycle as much as possible. From this point onwards, we assume that you are a right-footer. If you are a left-footer, you can adjust the instructions accordingly. Move the soles of the foot a little forward. Doing so will make it easier for you to move the body gravity and have a good control moving the vehicle forward. Also, tilt your calf slightly (inwards) so you can buckle the scooter. Meanwhile, have the left foot firmly on the ground parallel to the right foot.


  1. Warm up yourself

Have your posture maintained and consider your left foot as the center. Control the unicycle slowly using the right foot. Just move the unicycle backward and forwards. Your calf should fasten the unicycle perfectly by this time so the vehicle doesn’t fall. Keep doing this until you become a master of it.


  1. Do a slide training (single- foot operation)

While maintaining the position learned in the first step, keep your feet parallel. Start to perform a one-foot glide. Perform gentle kicks on the ground using the left foot and let the scooter slide. No matter if the gliding distances are pretty short the key is to gain confidence. Do this until you have great control. If you ever feel like falling off, stabilize the motion with the left foot.


  1. Ride with two feet

Things can become exceptionally easier if you can find a training field with a railing. Or, it would be great if there is a friend to accompany you. Try gentle kicks and then try to put both the feet on the pedals. To move forward, your gravity should be moved forward. To brake, angle your body slightly towards backward. The secret behind your success is a continuous practice. Make sure to train several times a day for a couple of days to become a master of this.


  1. Learn how to turn

Once you have mastered aspects like getting on, getting off, moving forward and backward, you can practice it in an open area. Then, you should learn how to turn. Electric unicycles are operated based on the center of the gravity. To turn left, you should put more gravity towards the left foot. The same theory applies to the right foot. First, try a huge turn and gradually you can make smaller turns.


Besides, when approaching a bump, make your body relaxed. Bend your knees a little and prepare to absorb some shock.


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